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New restaurant openings content strategy

MKTG Lotty created a detailed content calendar that included key deliverables and deadlines for The Botanist new restaurant openings.


& Brief

The New World Trading Company continues to expand their portfolio of The Botanist restaurants year on year. Each new venue launch requires a significant amount of project management, marketing promotion and PR and so the team came to MKTG Lotty for outsourced digital marketing support. 

With the imminent launch of more restaurant openings, MKTG Lotty was tasked with creating a project/content calendar for The Botanist - highlighting the main digital channels to utilise for promotional content marketing activities to drive sales from online bookings.

 Content strategy

MKTG Lotty created a detailed content calendar that included deliverables and deadlines for organic social, paid social, PR and email campaigns, plus website SEO improvements, blogs and menu updates.


The content plan was key in the successful management of content creation for the launch and post-launch of the new venues at The Botanist Coventry, Cheltenham, Bath, Warrington and Cardiff.

By aligning all content across organic social, geo targeted paid social, email campaigns and editorial, MKTG Lotty helped showcase each new Botanist’s food and drink offering, dining experience, interiors and exclusive discounts - before, during and after launch.

Content planning for The Botanist restaurant launches increased website traffic (new sessions) by 75% and secured advanced bookings for the restaurants.

Why your business needs a content calendar

Be authentic and share your brand story online. These two things will help you get noticed to your ‘real’ customers. Positive feelings drive people to engage with you, especially those who have a genuine interest in what you do and say.

The best way of planning authentic content is to use a content calendar. This structured calendar will help you make sure that all your marketing efforts are aligned and have the same end goal. Let's get your content organised in a great content calendar today.

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