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Intern Rebecca Titchener - My Journey Into Digital Marketing.

As a young creative - like many others - I have been on the search for the perfect job role. I am massively passionate about digital art, although I couldn't quite pinpoint where I belonged within the digital industry in terms of a long-lasting career.

My passions and hobbies have persuaded me to delve deeper into the digital world and learn as much as I can in regards to ‘building a brand’ and effectively applying myself within the digital community. After brief attempts of presenting myself as a 'brand' online, I thought it was time to push the boat out.

I soon realised that there's endless room for creatives like me, which has encouraged me to apply for digital training courses linked to the digital industry - such as a Level 1 BTEC in digital technologies provided by B2W (Back2Work). During my time with B2W, it had become clear that I unknowingly had experience in digital marketing, such as: social media management and content creation (digital illustrations).

Whilst training with B2W, they took my skills and interests into consideration and partnered me with Lotty. The purpose of my placement at MKTG Lotty is to gain first hand experience within the digital marketing industry and further my understanding of the role of a marketer. Working on different client projects, I'm currently learning all aspects of digital, how to direct and encourage customers to interact with a business in different ways. This learning will give me the knowledge needed to apply and potentially give me the opportunity of having my interests and career intertwined - something I have wanted for a while.

Over the next few weeks I plan to improve my existing skills - from organising files, writing content, researching and managing paid ads. I hope to learn as much as I can about how to implement successful marketing campaigns and the steps taken prior to the final customer sale or interaction.

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