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Collaborating with micro-influencers - who were already fans of Gordon Ramsay and his restaurants - allowed us to capture ‘real-life’ content.



Established in 1815, Royal Doulton is one the world’s leaders of luxury and lifestyle home products. Inspired by the brand’s London origins, Royal Doulton embraces the urban culture & eclectic style of the City. RD’s tableware product collections encourage self expression and are designed to give consumers everything they need to create a relaxed dining experience at home. In 2010, Royal Doulton partnered with internationally-known chef Gordon Ramsay to create a collection of tableware under the name GRxRD - inspired by Gordon's restaurants.



Continuing their successful partnership with The Gordon Ramsay Group, Royal Doulton launched three new tableware collections inspired by Ramsay’s London-based restaurants, including, Union Street Cafe, Bread St Kitchen and Maze Grill - targeted towards a younger ‘foodie’ market. Working alongside the marketing team, a detailed content & PR plan was required to promote the new tableware collections, Gordon Ramsay’s brand and restaurants, plus align with other marketing activities.

Influencer & PR Plan


To support the launch of the RD collections, we worked with 10 social media micro-influencers on an influencer Campaign. The aim was to raise awareness about Royal Doulton to a younger audience, who may have had existing preconceptions about the brand. Collaborating with micro-influencers - who were already fans of Gordon Ramsay and his restaurants - allowed us to capture ‘real-life’ content. This lifestyle content was repurposed across all digital; including social, email, recipe landing pages, editorial and media releases. 

Restaurant-focused video content was also created at all 3 of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Chefs were asked to recreate dishes from the menu - served up on RD tableware. The videos were shared across digital channels, with live Q&As from the kitchens. To gain PR exposure, media and micro-influencers were invited to meet chef Gordon himself as he recreated his dishes. Attendees could purchase Royal Doulton tableware and recipe cards were also supplied with links to online editorial, plus discounts for Royal Doulton.

What’s an Influencer campaign?

Influencer campaigns have been a popular form of marketing for a while now. Yet, many businesses don't understand what it’s all about. Influencer campaigns often involve collaborations between brands and social media influencers (big or small) to engage with online communities.

Is an Influencer campaign right for you?

Influencer campaigns can have a big impact on your business getting out there. Many brands have successfully used micro-influencers (those with a smaller online following but influential in a community) to tap into new markets. If you'd like to chat about about influencer marketing, book a free consultation.


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