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Stein's at Home 'Staycation' affiliate campaign

MKTG Lotty created an affiliate marketing strategy and deliverables for the launch of 'Stein's on Staycation' -

a Rick Stein menu box delivery service to self catering holiday accommodations throughout the UK.


& Brief

Stein's at Home by Rick Stein was launched in June 2020 into the ‘at home' market during the pandemic. Challenged with the task of giving customers a 'restaurant experience' at home, the group created menu boxes of three courses for two people, with dishes usually found in the Rick Stein's famous restaurants. 


In March 2021, the marketing team at the Rick Stein Group contacted MKTG Lotty with a campaign project brief to launch the popular 'at Home' boxes into the growing Staycation market during the pandemic. The team wanted to provide a way for customers to buy Stein's At Home food boxes at self catering accommodation (whist they were away from home).

Staycation Campaign strategy & deliverables

We started by researching self catering agencies which 'Stein's at Home' food boxes could potentially partner with. We identified and outreached to a number of agencies that were a good fit for the brand and had a high interest from self catering sites all around the UK. 


Next, MKTG Lotty created a campaign launch plan that outlined the process of partnering with agencies and marketing tactics. This included creating the campaign name 'Stein's on Staycation', a partnership 'how to' marketing guide, competitions and development of website wireframes for shoppable landing pages with trackable links.


Stein's on Staycation was launched in 2021 and has been going from strength to strength and can be found at self catering sites such as as an additional unique experience whilst on holiday.

Since launching, Stein's has sold more than 110,000 food boxes across the country and raised nearly £10,000 for charities, with videos and adverts garnering millions of views and impressions.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves either your business promoting a product or service made by another retailer, or partnering with another business to sell your products or service on their website, blog, app or social platform. When a customer clicks a unique tracked affiliate link - the affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase. 

Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and online revenue. It can be beneficial to both brands if they align with their target audiences. 

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