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Digital marketing consultancy & strategy

MKTG Lotty provided digital marketing consultancy & strategy on a monthly basis for JIMBAG's website and paid social media.


& Brief

JIMBAG UK is a fitness fashion brand born in Great Britain and proudly started in Manchester. They produce fashion-focused versatile bags and accessories that are perfect for the gym, hiking, sports, commuting, travel and more! For the modern man and woman.

In 2020 MKTG Lotty was approached by JIMBAG to review their existing digital marketing - including their website content, SEO and social media. After providing feedback, MKTG Lotty started with JIMBAG on a monthly retainer to support with improving the website with SEO content, strategising social and managing thier paid social advertising account.

Paid social ads management

MKTG Lotty provided a complete review of JIMBAG's Facebook Business Manager account. Major gaps and errors in ad set up meant that ads were not performing as they should. A paid social advertising strategy outlined areas of improvement and full campaign management plan.


With full management of JIMBAG's ad account activity, campaigns for Black Friday, Christmas and January Sales help increase conversions during Jimbag's most lucrative period. A/B testing of ad copy and creative were an important part of the success of these campaigns. To increase ad performance, we worked alongside What Media to release a series of brand awareness video ads.

Website content audit & copy

Concerned that JIMBAG's website lacked content for those customer's clicking through from adverts (as well as other channels) - MKTG Lotty conducted a website audit. Recommendations included improvements to site speed, landing page structure, URL's, SEO content and image sizing. Changes to structure and copy were implemented by JIMBAG's developer - which has already improved the user experience of the website. 

Lotty has done a superb job of managing the paid social for JIMBAG. The ads are creative and well-designed. A lot of time and attention has been put into targeting the right audiences which has led to a low CPC, as well as high engagement and sales.

Antony Bingham, Owner of JIMBAG UK

Why outsource your digital marketing?

By outsourcing your marketing, you’re working with a marketer who has devoted their career to helping businesses like yours to succeed and possess the expertise to make it happen. From developing a brand identity, to crafting a content marketing strategy - a marketing consultant like MKTG Lotty can serve as an extension of your team.

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