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Pre launch digital marketing support

MKTG Lotty created a pre launch marketing plan, audience research & digital output for UK food delivery brand Cookfast.

360 digital marketing service

Prior to consultation, Cookfast had based their brand on a young audience (aged 25-35) but our initial audience research, surveys and data findings soon found that the demographic was actually higher than expected and skewed towards a female audience.  


With this in mind, the objective for a pre launch marketing plan was to implement a customer-first approach to branding and all digital output - including email marketing campaigns & journeys (Campaign Monitor), website user experience (via Hotjar), social media (organic & paid), plus wider strategy / consultancy. 


Our aim was to drive awareness of the Cookfast brand, include personalisation to our campaigns all whilst gauging audience interest in the meal kits through social listening and promotion uptake. 

Other key deliverables included Social Media Guidelines & training, a Partnership plan with Gorillas to tap into the London food delivery service, plus a complete redesign & copy refresh of the website ready for launch this year (2022).

Armed with a pre launch plan - which included vital audience research and website user experience tools - we were able to alter the branding, message and food offering for the RIGHT customer base before an official launch of Cookfast.

Launching a food business?

Brand positioning is what you need to start with. What's the image that you want your brand to be in the minds of your customers? It is critical for food companies to show off their unique selling propositions that can create a positive brand image. However, brand positioning is one of the marketing strategies that requires you to be sure of your target audience before making a move.

So, knowing your potential customer (researching them) is so important for you in the beginning. Don't skip this part. Do your homework, ask questions, use surveys, research competitors customers.

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